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My Biography

From an early age Jenny was surrounded by Music , her mother was an accomplished pianist and Church Organist, which meant Hymn singing was part of every Sunday at the Chapel from the age of 10, Which gave her a good basis for holding a tune. She had her first taste of playing guitar as 15, but didn’t progress at that age. In her late thirties she took some lessons, the teaching being exclusively Folk Music based. Later she had a few Classical lessons. It was not until 2011 that Jenny’s gave her first Public performance as a Singer accompanying herself on Guitar in 2011. She and her husband Norman were living in Cyprus at the time. Within 3years Norman joined her forming their Duo Act : ‘The Odd Bods’ initially playing Cajon and now progressed to include Bass Guitar and Drums, percussion as well as singing second vocals.

Jenny now presents Solo under the name of ‘Jenny Quaver : La Femme Guitar’ 

Music Videos


This song, written in 2021, was penned by Jenny Harris-White 'La Femme Guitare'. She joined an 'on-line' Music Group during the covid restrictions and group members were given the task of writing a song about a personal experience. Jenny wrote about moving to Shropshire and looking for ways to play her Music and meet new people who would hopefully become friends. ‘Shropshire’ pronounced ‘Shrop–shire–er‘, was what resulted when Jenny set pen to paper. We hope you enjoy.

Her Hubby and Duo Partner Norman Harris is playing drums on the track and Stephen M Draycott, her Music Mentor, can be heard on second guitar.

Copyright Jenny Harris White March 2022.

Winter’s Chilly Sound

Jenny's second solo original song recorded here at 'The Narrow Boat Sessions' in September by Mark Holdsworth. 

The theme of the song follows the natural flow of the weather seasons as it describes a relationship that started with amazing love, but sadly did not continue but ended , all too soon. This song was voted 'Most Heard Song' of the month for January 2022 by  listeners. 

Winter’s Chilly Sound

Jenny's second solo song, has been produced in a totally Acoustic format, with Jenny playing guitar and singing.  It is a mellow and some would say sad song. 

The lyrics written were inspired by the natural flow and pattern of the  seasons.  The wording describes and reflects the progress of a promising love relationship which does not last.  Something sadly most of us can identify with having experienced it at some point in our lives. 

No 1 Most Heard Song  for January 2022 in the Uk Country Radio .com station. ( see Music Happenings Page)

Diamonds and Rust

This  song was written and performed by Joan Baez in 1 

This is my take on the song .

Still a work in progress but getting there...

...happy listening

Amazing Grace

This  was recorded when Jenny was embarking on becoming a Solo Singer. She and Norman were living in Cyprus 2011. at the time.

It is just one of the songs from her 'Autumn Years' CD available on the Shop page  at £6.99 or  any Single Audio track for £1,  

Through My Window

Studio version

Written, Composed and Performed by

Jenny Harris White, La Femme Guitare.

Dedicated to and in Honour of all those we have lost and loved. Although written in February 2020, during a time of great sadness at the passing of a young friend to Cancer, it also speaks to me of all those loved ones who are no longer with us. In particular my parents who I will never stop loving or missing.

Deepest thanks to my ever loving and tolerant husband Norman Harris for his continued support and encouragement of my learning and growth as a guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Kind thanks to Stephen M Draycott, for the excellent production and mentoring throughout.

March 8th 2021  

Through My Window

Accoustic version

Written  and performed by Jenny Harris-White

Dabbling in 'D'

This piece is Jenny's first Classical Piece, played in Open D tuning. Jenny has recently been able to return to playing her Classical Guitar after a break 3.5 years.  Following a severe Spinal Injury 2017 she has not been able to manage this particular instrument until now as it is broader,  wider and heavier than her slimline lightweight  Fender Acoustic Guitar which she purchased in late 2018.

We hope you enjoy it !

Bronwylfa Music Box Gallery

Jenny Quaver's version of


Sand and Water

a cover by Jenny Harris-White

' La Femme Guitare'

Fields of Gold

a cover by Jenny Harris-White

' La Femme Guitare'