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Monday Morning Music

with the 'Odd Bods'

With life having entered the third LockDown, the 'Odd Bods' decided to start a new venture and record one song each week to bring some enjoyment and pleasure to folks out there. So from Monday 21st Feb they started 'Monday Morning Music'.

Each week they will post a different song, different genres. Some times it will be the Duo and others it will be solo work from either Jenny or Norman.

Please feel free to visit our You Tube Channel, subscribe for free or just comment if you would care to. You Tubers love to have comments.

April 5th March

Gypsy Queen

Happy Easter Monday to everyone. 

So for today an Acoustic cover of a Chris Norman song 'Gypsy Queen' 

During Lockdown Norm has learnt to play the Bass Guitar and is here with Jenny, performing as The 'Odd Bods' ...  hope it brings some joy.

Monday 29th March


The song for this coming week was released just a mere 52 years ago today and reached No 2 in the UK Charts. 

A brilliant song from the amazing Welsh Folk Singer Mary Hopkin. Written by Lennon & McCartney.  Still a very popular jolly song.

Cover Version posted here by Jenny 'La Femme Guitare' 

Monday 22nd March

Manic Monday

Going back a few years this morning to 1986. here is my cover version of this great song. 'STORMIN' aka Norm Harris created the video for me. Thank you for doing grand job as always.

Jenny recorded 'Manic Monday ',  original by the Bangles, as the first track on her 10 track LP 'Autumn Years' . The LP has a mix of tracks, Amazing Grace, Fields of Gold, Sand and Water, to name some. Individual tracks are available as either CD or Audio.

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Recorded by ' A Low Key Production' Paphos Cyprus. December 2011.  

Monday 15th March

Patrick McGinty's Goat

We decided to bring you a fun song today for St Patrick's Day.  'Patrick McGinty's Goat' Made famous by Val Doonican, ( Mr Rocking Chair and Cardigan Man) only those of a certain age will understand that comment. Hope, if nothing else, this makes you smile. We don't get out much you know ! 

Monday 8th March

Through My Window

Today is the 34th Anniversary of my Dad's untimely Passing.  Although I wrote this song in 2020, and the lyrics apply to all loved ones we have lost , I have chosen to share it with you today in his Memory in particular.

My world was totally shattered when you left.

Here's to you Dad - Thank you for your love.

Monday 1st March

Who Will Stop The Rain

Norman is singing his second solo, a cover version of Credence Clearwater Revival's 'Who will stop the rain', accompanied by Jenny.

Lockdown is allowing us to spread our Music Wings, so hope you find it enjoyable.

Monday 22nd February

Dabbling in 'D'

This is Jenny's first Classical Piece, played in Open D tuning. Jenny has recently been able to return to playing her Classical Guitar after a break of 3.5 years. Following a severe Spinal Injury 2017 she has not been able to manage this particular instrument until now as it is broader, wider and heavier than her slimline lightweight Fender Acoustic Guitar which she purchased in late 2018.

We hope you enjoy it !