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Music Happenings

JUST to say 'THANK You'

for all your support in various ways. 

 Every £ counts and helps the 

Lingen Davies Appeal continue the amazing job they do in helping and supporting people with Cancer. 

Special thanks to for promoting our efforts.

We support the

Lingen Davies Cancer Appeal

Registered Charity Number 1160922

You can make a donation via our facebook page 

or to visit the Lingen Davies website

click on the logo below.

Murder in the Veg Patch

A Christmas song with attitude!

50% of profit from sale will be donated to Lingden Davies Cancer Fund

Registered Charity Number 1160922

Original song, lyrics and music written by

Jenny Harris -White (copyright applies)

Buy now

'Murder in the Veg Patch '  

We are so excited to have heard this airing of 

Murder in the Veg Patch.  The DJ did a grand job flagging up that proceeds will go to Lingen Davies Cancer Fund thank you guys. 

Registered Charity Number 1160922

Click to buy the Cd / Audio 


AND at No 2 we have the ' The 'Odd Bods ' performing 'Happy People' on ' The most listened to track for November '. Thank you for listening in with us.

The Odd Bods

Featured on

Starting:- October 11th 2020

The Odd Bods


on the Adam Green Show

BBC Radio Shropshire

October 9th 2020

​Country Covers


The 'Odd Bods' Musical Duo presenting their very first 4 Track EP

'Country Covers' 

Starting:- October 5th 2020

Keeping The Boats Afloat

A Country Music Concert in support of the

Heulwen Trust

Click on the picture to follow our first

 'Live Streaming Event'  Via You Tube